CBT Motorcycle Training

Compulsory Basic Test (CBT)

Obtaining your Compulsory Basic Training certificate is a legal requirement. It will enable you to ride your motorcycle, moped or scooter on public roads as a learner.
The One Day course introduces you to basic riding skills and road craft. We run our CBT Courses every Saturday and Sunday. There is a maximum of 4 pupils to each instructor.

If you are worried about not having ever been on a bike before, then don't be, our CBT Courses start from scratch and we assume you have little or no motorcycling experience. The main focus of the day is getting you used to controlling the bike, for this reason a large portion of the course is spent in the safety of our off-road facility. This enables you to learn and practice the techniques without having to worry about other traffic.
During the day we will cover the following:

  • Basic road safety: Everything from what to wear and what to expect.
  • Introduction to your bike: Brakes, clutch, gears (manual), and most importantly the start button
  • Manoeuvring & Parking: Walking with the bike, getting it on and off the stand.
  • Slow control: Learn to balance your bike at a snails pace without wobbling or falling off.
  • Road Practice: Practice approaching junctions and the correct procedure for turning left and right.
  • Compulsory Skills: Includes learning the emergency stop and 'U' turn techniques.
  • The Real Thing: Out on the road in radio contact with your instructor, putting it all together.


  • Compulsory Basic Training & Certificate
  • Geared Motorcycle or Automatic Scooter Hire
  • Insurance
  • Radio Equipment
  • Fuel and Refreshments
  • Max. 4 Riders Per Instructor

Safety items i.e. helmets, gloves etc can be purchased at a discounted rate, ask about this at the time of booking.

CBT certificates are now valid for two years, if after that time you still wish to ride as a learner, you will need to retake your CBT (every 2 years). However, most people should aim to pass the full motorcycle test even if they don't want to ride a bigger bike. Insurance is typically cheaper for a start and you won’t need to keep retaking a CBT every two years.

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