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Our well organised centre trains riders to the highest standard of riding, and will make you an Book A Motorcycle Training Lessonalert, competent and above all SAFE rider. We have developed a variety of courses to suit all abilities and experience.
Chase Motorcycle Training Centre Cannock provides a superbly high standard of training, resulting in hundreds of pupils tearing up their "L" Plates and taking to the open road every year
Our professional instructors will help you to develop your skills at your own pace, you won't be 'thrown in at the deep end', and we're positive you will enjoy the thrill of motorcycling.

Information on motorcycle licences

Depending on your age and the type of motorcycle you want to ride, there are up to three steps to obtaining your licence. If you just want to ride a motorcycle as a Learner, then all you need is CBT. If you already have a full car driving licence, then you may have full moped and provisional motorcycle entitlement already. This allows you to legally ride a moped (up to 50cc and 30mph), without completing a CBT. However, we recommend that everyone does a CBT as it really is essential basic training. It also allows people of 17 and over to ride a learner legal motorcycle up to 125 cc (typically capable of about 65 mph), which will at least allow you to keep up with traffic.

CBT certificates are now valid for two years, if after that time you still wish to ride as a learner, you will need to retake your CBT (every 2 years). However, most people should aim to pass the full motorcycle test even if they don't want to ride a bigger bike. Insurance is typically cheaper for a start and you won’t need to keep retaking a CBT every two years.

There are basically three types of full motorcycle licence (A1, A restricted and A),
depending on the size of bike you take your test on. All tests are exactly the same and now require a theory test pass before you can sit the test. Very few people bother with the A1 licence (taking their test on a bike of around 100 cc) as it only entitles you to ride up to a 125cc bike. If you take your test on a learner legal 125cc bike, you will be able to ride any motorcycle producing less than 33bhp. After two years you will be able to ride any power motorcycle. If you want to go directly to an unrestricted bike, you will need to be 21 or over and complete and pass a Direct Access Course (DAS). In this course you will learn and take your test on a larger bike (typically 500cc). If you are 16 and have just received your provisional moped licence, then you will need to do a CBT before you can legally ride.

If like most people, you are now confused about all the options, we've summarised the most popular routes below:

Motorcycle Training 16 Years PlusMotorcycle Training 17 Years PlusMotorcycle Training 17 Years PlusMotorcycle Training 21 Years Plus


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